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Are contacts good for my eyes?

Are contacts good for my eyes?
Contact lenses have been proven by millions of people who use them daily to be a healthy vision choice. Proper care on your part and regular supervision by an eye doctor can determine the continuous good health of your eyes. If you follow all prescribed steps for inserting, removing, and caring for your contacts, contact lenses will continue to be a safe and effective alternative to glasses. Adhere to lens wearing schedules and make sure you check with your eye doctor on a regular basis to ensure long-term corneal health.

Do I need to get fitted for Contact Lens?
The first step to wearing your new contact lens is to get fitted at our office in Stamford, CT by Dr. Joan Gewirtz. Contacts fitting are required even if you don't have a vision problem or you want to just change your eye color for cosmetic reasons. Contact lens come in different sizes and brands, an eye exam with your eye doctor will measure your eyes to determine which size and brand is right for you. If you already wear contact lens but want to try a different brand, fitting is still required with the doctor for that contact lens brand. Contact lens fitting is critical to make sure that your eyes are healthy and comfortable while using the contacts. Contact lens prescriptions are brand specific and most often cannot be substituted.

Once you have been fitted for contact lenses and have your prescription, you are ready to purchase your contacts from our office or from any provider you choose.

Can I get a copy of my contact lens prescription?
Yes. If you requested a contact lens prescription, our eye doctor, Dr. Joan T. Gewirtz, will give you a copy of your current contact lens prescription. Contact lens prescriptions require a contact lens fitting first to make sure that there is no eye health reason preventing you from wearing your contact lens and that your eyes are comfortable. When you get an eye exam, you have the right to get a copy of your prescription. You can use this prescription at another vendor or to order contact lenses on the Internet, over the phone, or by mail.

Are copies of my contacts prescription free?
Yes. After your eye examination and contact fitting, you can get a free copy of your contacts prescription to order from a contact lens retailer or we can provide you with the contact lens during your visit. We have most popular brands in stock.

Are contact lenses hard to take care of?
Contact lens can help you correct:
  • No maintenance is required with daily disposable soft lenses.
  • Soft lenses that are replaced quarterly or annually might require weekly enzyming in additional to daily care.
  • GP contacts need daily cleaning and disinfecting, but their slick surface resists deposit buildup much better than soft lenses and they last for years.
  • Other disposable soft lenses are usually cleaned at the end of the day, and then soaked in disinfecting solution until they are worn again. These types of contact lenses may be replaced weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly.
Can I sleep in my contact lenses?
As technology advances, some contacts are designed for overnight wear. However, the ophthalmologist, Dr. Joan Gewirtz strongly discourages it.

Many people fall asleep while still wearing their contact lenses. Most patients do not develop eye infections, which could possible lead to permanent corneal scarring and loss of vision. However, regularly wearing contact lenses during sleep can cause permanent vision damage.

Despite the risks and warnings, some patients still sleep with their lenses. If they do wake with redness or irritation, they should remove the lenses right away as this could signs of major problems developing. We urge patients to seek Dr. Joan Gewirtz immediately to check for abrasions or infections. If promptly started, appropriate treatment, will normally prevent serious consequences.
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